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White Domes Road

southern Nevada

There are two primary roads in Valley of Fire State Park. Valley of Fire Highway is the main route, heading east of I-15 to the park’s entrance. The other is White Domes Road. It takes off from Valley of Fire Highway, passing by the park’s visitor center before venturing north. It’s less than six miles long but intensely striking as it winds through a vivid desert landscape of red, white, tan and yellow rocks. The road ends at its namesake: White Domes. A short loop hike on sand and stones passes by large formations, smoothed and chiseled over the ages by natural forces. Valley of Fire was created after ancient inland seas left deposits that have slowly eroded over millions of years. A slot canyon, arch and movie set ruin are other highlights of this diverse, pleasant trail. Retracing the six miles back to the visitors center, a short side road leads to Fire Canyon and Silica Dome overlook. The Rainbow Vista Trail is another notable White Domes Road attraction. This moderate hike through a patchwork of vibrant sandstone culminates in a canyon overlook, red rock formations and outcroppings as far as the eye can see.


It’s about 12 miles from the White Domes Road turnoff to the White Domes Loop parking lot and back. There’s no through road.


The drive from Las Vegas and back plus two short hikes will take the better part of the day.

Best Time to Visit

Southern Nevada enjoys moderate winters and is especially pleasant in fall and spring. Summers are very hot plus the hikes involve rocks that radiate heat so plan accordingly.

Route & Map      

The start of White Domes Road is 56 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. Go north on I-15 to exit 75. Follow Valley of Fire Highway east to the visitor center where the road begins.

Keep in Mind

Right now it costs $10 per vehicle to enter Valley of Fire State Park.


It’s smart to check Nevada State Parks before heading to Valley of Fire. The website hikespeak also has useful information.

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