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The Pinnacles

Nambung National Park, Western Australia

Western Australia is gigantic, about the size of the entire western U.S. And it has numerous remarkable natural attractions. The Pinnacles is one of the most beautiful and most strange. It’s an otherworldly place where thousands of worn stone pillars rise above yellow sand. And to view these formations, you drive on the sand. Not surprisingly, The Pinnacles is one of Western Australia’s prime tourist spots. The rocks are about 2½ hours north of Perth so they make a manageable daytrip although you might want to stay overnight to break up the driving. The Pinnacles are actually an attraction within Nambung National Park. Nambung lies next to the Indian Ocean and features gorgeous beaches, wildflowers and coastal dunes. The sand comes in yellow as well as shades of white and tan. But The Pinnacles are the main appeal. The weathered limestone pillars are a sedimentary rock, made from the skeletal fragments of ancient marine life. And many are very tall, some reaching heights of 3.5 meters, or 11½ feet.

Keep in Mind

Highway 60 has many services on the way to Nambung. Cervantes is a small town north of the park with fuel, lodging and food.

Route & Map        

From Perth, follow Highway 60 north along the Indian Ocean to Nambung National Park.


191 kilometers or 119 miles


About 2½ hours

Best Time to Visit

The park is pretty year-round but particularly stunning August to October, prime wildflower season.


Check out the Nambung National Park and Tourism Western Australia sites for tips and information.

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