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America’s Most Scenic Roads

Extraordinary and unique: exploring the USA’s best highways and byways

The country that first mass marketed the car appropriately developed the world’s most sophisticated road system, giving unparalleled access to America’s vast wealth of natural beauty.

On par with national parks, America’s scenic highways are national treasures, showcasing exceptional sites unmatched in their beauty, historical significance, cultural importance and recreational opportunities. In fact, many lead to or pass through national parks. And yet as a group, this diverse and select collection of roads is largely overlooked.

This video series brings together America’s Most Scenic Roads. Found in every state and territory, they range from primitive gravel to state-of-the-art superhighways.

Right now, 184 roads in 48 states are deemed best-in-class. They include All-American Roads – the cream of the crop – and National Scenic Byways. Additionally, this series will profile highways designated by their home states as scenic. We’ll also include little-known gems not yet officially recognized for their drivable splendor.

Arizona's Kaibab Plateau – North Rim Parkway

Most everyone visits the Grand Canyon's South Rim. So that makes the remote, remarkable North Rim that much more special.

California's Pacific Coast Highway

The benchmark of scenic highways featuring immense waves, daunting cliffs and epic elephant seal battles. 

Nevada's Moapa Valley Drive

The Valley of Fire is an easy day trip from Las Vegas where the colors of nature rival the bright lights of The Strip.

Utah's Nine Mile Canyon

Stunning geology and thousands of petroglyphs make the “World’s Longest Art Gallery” the Beehive State's version of the Louvre.

Texas' Canyon Sweep

Suddenly the prairie parts, revealing America's second largest canyon. And the wildflowers are gorgeous, too.

New Mexico's Trail of the Mountain Spirits

Walk through 700-year-old cliff dwellings in the mystical landscape of the world's first designated wilderness.

Colorado's San Juan Skyway: "Telluride Autumn"

A riot of color framed by ragged mountain peaks mean a fall drive to this ski town is a glorious treat.

Alaska's Glacier Highway

One of the world’s most isolated roads, this route leads to glaciers, mountains, rainforests and bald eagles.

Oklahoma's Black Mesa

It's a treasure hunt for sandstone formations, dinosaur tracks and Plains Indian rock art in the hills and canyons of the Panhandle.

Texas' El Camino del Rio

A rollercoaster ride above the Rio Grande: does Big Bend's most thrilling drive lie outside the national park?

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