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I grew up on a farm in western Colorado.

And my hometown was the starting point for a scenic byway. It was remote and picturesque, the isolation instilling a lifelong restlessness and the urge to explore. The beauty established an appreciation for world-class scenery. Traveling the country and the globe as a video and TV producer, I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous locations. Wide Open Ride combines a passion for road trips with an eye for pretty places. I will continue to film, photograph and edit for as long as I can drive. 

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Miles driven so far: 114,738 (184,653 km)


This is the road trip as art.
Unique and breathtaking, Wide Open Ride brings to life highways, scenic byways and country roads with incredible skies, magnificent natural attractions and human innovations like bridges, skyscrapers and the colorful shops on Main Street.  
But there's more to this video series than just pavement and stunning views. Picture-taking stops, short hikes and dirt roads worth exploring are profiled along the way.

Whether looking for travel inspiration or simply a dreary weekday morning diversion, Wide Open Ride gives a one-of-a-kind perspective on familiar places.

It also chronicles lesser-known highways, introducing viewers to corners of the world they know little about.
The aim is to feature every picturesque highway in America, with numerous awe-inspiring drives in other countries along the way. 
So join the road trip as art. It’s going to be an amazing journey!
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